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We would like to inform you that any information that you share with us on the website is kept  safe and never shared with any third party. We do not have any associations with third party marketing websites or other agencies that source user data from various sources.

We value your opinions, comments and feedback as these help us in the overall improvement of the content of the site.

Currently we are not employing the services of cookies but plan to launch cookie enabled services on the site. This would be to ensure that we are able to track the usage preferences of our visitors and hence the entire content resonates as per their wishes and aspirations. However, users will have the option to enable or disable the employment of cookies using the options provided by their respective web browsers.

We do not save any user related data such as IP address, browsing speeds, country of visit or the kind of browser being used. Feel free to let us know about any queries that you have in this regard.