Use Pashmina Afghan Shawls In Office Parties – Revamp Your Style!

Office parties – Opportunities floating around

Don’t take those office parties casually. I have lost many favorable career opportunities by neglecting the point of looking good in office parties and investing some time in techniques that actually allow a little bit of attention to be directed towards you. Ever since those days I am very specific in making sure that in some way or other I am able to grab certain amount of attention (of seniors and boss- of course!)

Your wardrobe is the first thing that catches attention. Shabby clothes or repeatedly wearing the same outfits send out negative signals. You may perceive that no one is caring for what you are wearing. Make no mistake, when your boss is thinking about whom to recommend for promotion or that foreign tour, those shabby clothes and lacklustre personality will have an impact. Impressions are stored in a subconscious manner and if you are not aware  how human psyche works, bear in mind that every aspect of you that comes in public life is somehow creating impressions in the minds of the observers. You better send out some positive impressions if office progress is in your agenda!

Simple and effective way to for grabbing attention in office parties

Wear accessories! Yes, that’s the guru mantra for creating great impressions. You may not be able to get designer suits and other expensive outfits, but high-quality accessories are certainly not that expensive. Moreover, you can repeat the outfits using different accessories and hence increasing the size of wardrobe is not something that you have to do on a regular basis.

41iVzdQ-J8L.jpgIn one of my parties, I saw a lady wearing pashmina afghan shawls. Now to tell you frankly, her outfit was not great. But surely the shawl created a magical effect. And the best past is that most of the outfit was dominated by the pashmina shawl itself (it was an oversized one!). I was impressed by the manner of her thinking since she managed to outpace many other ladies who were wearing expensive outfits. But mind you, those shawls were original. In case, you don’t get original accessories don’t buy any fake ones. I have been the laughing stock owing to fake gold bracelets that started rusting from one side. (Those were very old actually!)

But the point that I am trying to drive home is that you can get a simple accessory but make sure that it comes from a reputed brand or something that is original. Wait a minute! The buck does not stop on the outfit. You don’t have to be a mute spectator observing others looking at your outfit. Office parties are there to create interconnection, especially with the bosses. Don’t try to start a conversation just for the sake of it. Research about some valid and genuine points or other agendas that are likely to have a great impact as far as your office and a company is concerned. Your bosses are savvy enough to observe that you are talking just for creating the connection. Find out more about those who are coming to the party and if there is someone who is coming within the radar of your communication prepare something to talk on that day. Preparation is a key element. This is not a usual party. There are many issues at stake. You can craft a really good impression if you are prepared. An important point – Use humor occasionally, in a subtle artistic manner, during your communications


  1. Pashmina Shawl is such a shawl you can wear it in any formal occasion, office as well as parties also. It can wear different ways also some wear it as a shawl some use it as a dupatta or other can use it as scarf

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