Stylish New Pashmina Collections!

While there are several accessories in the fashion segment, nothing seems to create the kind of magic that comes along with authentic pashmina afghan. With so much tradition and class being involved you can never be on the wrong foot with this traditional cashmere fabric.

Another name for the fiber used in pashmina afghan garments is “pashm”. If you are dealing with authentic Himalayan shawls, this is the inherent fiber. In some areas they are more famous as Kashmir or Cashmere shawls, which is essentially the same thing. This segment has a long history behind its making and the name “pashm” finds importance in several historical texts.

Both Kashmir and Nepal are the main production areas. Quality of these accessories is measured by the overall feel that is accompanied with a gentle or high level of warmth. Dimension of the thread creates the underlying magic and this is how dealers identify the best products. Many companies manufacturing scarves wrongly claim them to be coming from this region. As a buyer you simply have to procure from quality outlets that ensure robust levels of customer protection.

The whole process of manufacturing the pashmina fiber is really interesting. The mountain goat found only in these areas sheds the wool during the spring season. It is said that the wool has this quality because of the special herbs and plants growing in the Himalayan region.